ESCF membership benefits

Together with our members, we excel in the field of Supply Chain and Operations Management. We believe that by connecting talent with organizations, the whole supply chain community learns faster! We create a global and interactive platform together with our members where professionals with similar interests can join forces to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Talent: Facilitating joint projects

We encourage innovation and accelerate learning in our members’ supply chains. We execute innovative projects on key operations issues defined by and executed with ESCF members, aimed at creating added value for these companies. This is enabled by our excellent Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. students. New employees are often hired from these projects. Additionally, life-long learning is offered as well.

Knowledge: Promoting top research

Members have access into supply chain and operations management phenomena to identify opportunity areas in member companies. A complete store of operations and supply chain knowledge developed by us in cooperation with all members will be available. We publish state-of-the-art papers and case studies in international scientific and professional journals.

Network: An interactive platform

This platform enables us to exchange key Supply Chain and Operations Management solutions and best-in-class operating practices, adhering to fundamental ethical principles. We organize offline networking opportunities, such as workshops and roundtable meetings. These opportunities are extended online with webinars and a community platform to keep interacting continuously. 



We offer two types of memberships: a full membership and a community membership.

The full membership offers you the broadest range of services within our Talent-Knowledge-Network triangle. Next to full memberships, we also provide community memberships. Here, companies participate in events and on the platform dedicated to the specific communities: Data2Move, Customer Driven Transformation (CDT), ESCF High Tech Community (EHTC) and Servitization.

Community membership

  • Research and community program participation
  • Three workshop participations (per year).
  • Access to BSc, MSc and Ph.D. projects.
  • Fee partly used as seed money to stimulate strategic community research

Full membership

  • Access to every workshop from each community
  • Two Executive Tables access, contract owner (invitation only)
  • Student Speed date sessions for talent acquisition
  • Two dedicated ESCF workshops
  • Dedicated account manager of TU/e staff
  • Fee partly used as seed money to stimulate strategic SCM research